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Our Story eCU Technology


Designed by and built for credit unions, eCU Technology® is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) owned by First Service Credit Union (FSCU) in Houston, Texas. As a community financial institution in a sprawling city like Houston, First Service was up against a number of nationally & worldwide known financial institutions with a far-reaching geographic footprint. Instead of trying to compete with physical size, FSCU chose to outsmart the financial giants and create an unbeatable digital experience for their members.

After proving ourselves by streamlining and expediting the First Service membership account opening and loan origination processes, the organization wanted to help other financial institutions needing an all-in-one solution for automated account opening and loan origination. Thus, eCU Technology® was established in 2015 to make the ORIGINS® Account Opening & Loan Origination Platform available to other financial institutions.

As an evolving financial technology company in a highly competitive sector, eCU Technology is dedicated to the growth and success of your credit union by providing you with an account opening and loan application solution that is modern, simple, and customized to meet your credit union’s needs.

We pride ourselves on addressing our clients’ needs for continual digital transformation and our desire to offer comprehensive financial software to meet their organizations’ needs. We’ve implemented a fast, powerful, flexible & comprehensive solution that fosters the continual growth of a financial institution by enhancing new account growth, increasing deposit & loan volume, streamlining processes, and creating efficiencies.

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eCU Technology’s ORIGINS® Platform serves financial institutions looking to maximize the account opening and origination experience, foster new account growth, increase deposit & loan volume, and streamline processes & create efficiencies. From the East Coast to the West Coast, and near and far… Here a few of the amazing clients we serve and provide account opening & loan origination services to.
Dutch Point Credit Union eCU Technology
5 Point Credit Union eCU Technology
First Service Credit Union eCU Technology
Marine Credit Union eCU Technology
WINSOUTH eCU Technology
Primeway eCU Technology
Penn East eCU Technology
GEFCU eCU Technology
Discovery eCU Technology
Diamond Credit Union eCU Technology
Date County Federal Credit Union eCU Technology
Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union eCU Technology
Credit Union West eCU Technology
cPort Credit Union eCU Technology
A+ Federal Credit Union eCU Technology
Oklahoma state bank eCU Technology

What Makes Us Different?

eCU Technology Offer an Agile & Flexible Platform

You have total control, easy implementation options, and the ability to make on-demand changes.

Vendor-agnostic Solution eCU Technology

ORIGINS’ design allows the ability to work & integrate with a multitude of vendors across various platforms.

eCU Technology Faster, More Efficient Platform Onboarding

Onboard onto our platform in as little as 90 days… ORIGINS is configured to work with numerous core processors, all 3 credit bureaus & has a comprehensive ID Authentification & Verification

User-centric Design eCU Technology

Being responsive to our client’s needs is at our core. From beginning to end, we’ve designed ORIGINS to be responsive and ensure that your most common tasks can be performed quickly and easy.

eCU Technology Robust Marketing Integration

Our Offer Code Management System allows you to create campaigns, send automated emails, target specific products, track app completion, and more.

Customizable Workflow eCU Technology

Your application, your way – Our workflow and theme design tools let you choose how to guide users through your application keeping in line with your company’s overall brand, look and feel.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Experience the future of account opening & loan origination! Learn more about how ORIGINS can help to maximize the growth of your organization!