Let’s Beat COVID-19 Together

Onboard a Member in 5 Minutes or Less

How are you serving members and taking care of your employees during the quarantine? We know now, more than ever, in an uncertain world with unexpected catastrophic crises, an online account opening and lending solution is essential.

We want to help you not only survive, but thrive with our industry-leading solution, ORIGINS.

ORIGINS onboards members in 5 minutes or less without human contact keeping members and employees safe. Take digital action to ensure safety and security of your employees and members.

Plus, we’ll help you and your team members work smarter, not harder. ORIGINS is a turnkey solution with complete compliance and regulatory checkpoints, automated funding, cross-selling strategies and more.

Don’t wait – get the facts and go digital with ORIGINS now.

Human-Centered Design

Clean, user-friendly interface built around a simple and intuitive application presented in clear, easy-to-understand language.

Reduced Data Entry

Software intelligently extracts personal information from images of an applicant’s government-issued ID and then auto-fills the relevant sections of the application, reducing the likelihood of abandonment and shortening completion time by up to 50%.

Automated Funding

Origins provides various real-time, online funding options to applicants, including debit, credit, ACH, account-to-account, mobile check deposit, and branch funding.

Cross-Selling Strategies

Origins utilizes all applicant data, including loan/share product choices and credit profile information to provide personalized product offerings. Thi enhances value for members and increases member retention.